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I know my cows by their name and number, and how they look and act every day as I check on them every morning, noon, night, and feed them twice a day. My cows are very heathly and happy. Some like to be rubbed and loved on and talked to as they see me as a friend. To be organic & grassfed is the good life, but animal wefare approved Is the best life you can have as a cow. 

Our cows love living here as we also put out back scratchers or rubs for our cows and calves with mineral oil in them to help with the dry skin. As our cows live in the Eastern Washington - Palm spring area Wapato WA, we have about 360 days of sunny days. The weather is nice here most the time. You can come and see us any time; you're welcome to call or come out or drive by and see the herd. Best time is spring and summer, or the fall. It's fun to visit, there is lots to see and do. It's nice to walk around. The cows are friendly but we all move slow and easy around the big bulls as they are different from the cows and calves. We are just a small organic farmer looking to grow healthly beef. 

  • San Francisco: San Francisco Wholesale Produce, 2095 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento: Produce Market, 2630 5th St, Sacramento, CA
  • Los Angeles: Borg Produce Sales, 1601 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA ($150.00 surcharge applies)
  • Seattle: Charlie's Produce, 4103 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA
  • Spokane: By Arrangement with customer
  • Vancouver: By Arrangement with customer

  • For delivery to these locations, please select the "The Farmer will Delivery My Order To Me" option at checkout. 

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    Holy Cow GrassFed Organic Farmer Janelle Moses grows all of her own feed, breeds her cows and raises her own calves for the Best Grassfed Beef. She raises Certified Angus/Lean Limousins Beef. We breed,and grow all of our own right here on the farm! Buy the best your direct source of home grown organic grass-fed beef. I Grow 128 acres of grass pastures. We irrigate it with rain water from the mountains and the sun shines about everyday making a wonderful place to raise beef. USDA Inspected. American Grassfed Standard you can trust with Animal welfare approved Inspected Farm. Custom Grassfed Beef from Holy Cow is available year round. We only sell direct to the consumer.

    Our beef is freshly harvested (using a humanely professional farm mobile unit) We deliver to you, using Moses Refrigerated Trucking, after 14 days of dry aging, cutting, wrapping, and quick freezing. From Harvest to Delivery is about 20 days.

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