Holy Cow Poke -Moo Mix- Eighth Beef

An eighth beef is approximately 75 pounds.

An eighth of beef requires approximately 1.75 cubic feet of freezer space, or the equivalent of the freezer space in a standard freezer/refrigerator unit. An eighth beef order contains a mix of standard cuts, including steaks, roasts, flank, short rib, and extra-lean ground beef.

The harvesting fees are included with the custom certified permits required by Washington State law (RCW 16.49) and RCW(16.57) Animal Welfare Approved Farm Harvested Beef, with mobile unit. Cutting and wrapping, double wrapped in butcher papper for longer freezer life. Custom Butcher shop instructions for whole beef or half beef, quarter beef are a mixes of the front and rear. Standard cut most the time! Dry-aging for 14 days, quick freezing, packing boxs for pickup!

Price includes 8.2% Washington State Sales Tax

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